(Addison and Kevin lay naked together, eating noodles on the floor)
Addison: So if I lease the fourth floor then Sam and Naomi hate me, but if I don't the Practice may go under.
Kevin: So you lease it right?
Addison: You make it sound easy.
Kevin: I lead guys everyday, need to make tough decisions, sometimes that means pissing of a friend for the good of the group.
Addison: I want people to stop being pissed off.
Kevin: Well, you need to decide if you wanna be a good friend, or a good leader?
Addison: You're smart, I don't like that.
Kevin: Yes, you do. (Addison smiles) You want me to eat noodles off your back?
Addison: Yes, please.

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Addison Montgomery
Private Practice Season 2 Episode 5: "Let it Go"
Private Practice
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