So if shit goes sideways instead of coming together we fall apart? Is that what you think? We are a family, and you're in it so step the hell up.

Pope [to Deran]

Animal Kingdom Season 3 Episode 3: "The Center Will Hold"
Animal Kingdom
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Animal Kingdom Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes, Animal Kingdom Quotes
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Animal Kingdom Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

Craig: What the hell happened to your hair?
Deran: Just wanted a change.
Craig: A change to what? Looking like the produce manager at some Safeway?

Crossing Guard: Is there a problem, sir?
Pope: [shakes head no]
Crossing Guard: Okay, then you need to move along.
Pope: My niece goes to this school, and this is her first day her and I promised her I'd be right here when she got out.
Crossing Guard: I appreciate that, sir, but you need to go now and come back after school's done.
Pope: Why?
Crossing Guard: Because a grown man sitting outside an elementary school is creepy.