Del: [reading] Finger Lakes Valley New York champagne Sparkling Wine. What the fuck you givin' me. I thought you had the French stuff.
Chloe: The French stuff moved to France. You're lucky I didn't just shoot some Fresca into chardonnay and tell you it was champagne.
Del: I'm tryin' to make a good show in here.
Chloe: So keep your mouth shut and pour. She's gonna be impressed by the green bottle and gold foil.

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American Rust Season 1 Episode 1: "The Mill"
American Rust
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American Rust Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Isaac: Why are you friends with me?
Del: You're the only person left who makes me feel like I'm worth anything.

Steve: You huntin' out of season again?
Del: Not answering that question, but, to be clear, there are no seasons on my property. Nobody tells me what to do on my own land. I'm a good shot; I'm not gonna kill anybody. And if I did, they'd be on my property.
Steve: I'm going to forget we had this conversation.
Del: Don't forget all of it. Don't be takin' a sunset stroll on my land, especially not in a deer costume.