Zach: So that's it? You're going to go just pump your pom-poms and pretend you're not any different than any other girl on the squad?
Claire Bennet: Yes, actually.
Zach: But you are, Claire! You are different. Don't you see that none of this matters? School spirit doesn't matter. Being a pretty blonde cheerleader doesn't matter. It's not who you are anymore.
Claire Bennet: Who I am? So what, I can crawl through a woodchipper and live to tell about it. That narrows my choices in life to freak or guinea pig, in most cases both. What's wrong with wanting to be normal? You should try it.

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Claire Bennet
Heroes Season 1 Episode 3: "One Giant Leap"
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Heroes Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Mr. Bennett: So is that the quarterback?
Claire Bennet: Who?
Mr. Bennett: The boy that you like right over there.
Claire Bennet: I don't "like" him. I mean he's a very nice boy, but...
Claire Bennet: yes, he's the quarterback.
Mr. Bennett: You really wanted to make me happy, you'd only date nerds. Well it worked out very well for your mother.

Peter Petrelli: [Punches Nathan in the face] You son of a bitch!
Nathan Petrelli: Careful, Peter. That's our mother you're talking about.