J.D.: Sounds to me like a G.I. bleed.
Dr. Cox: Look, Newbie, if you go ahead and leave this hospital knowing only one thing - and God save me, it looks like there's a real chance that might happen - please let this be that one thing: I'm in charge, and I don't care about your opinion. Now go get me a cup of coffee.

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J.D., Perry Cox
Scrubs Season 3 Episode 16: "My Butterfly"
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Scrubs Season 3 Episode 16 Quotes

Custodian: Heeeeyyy! Get outta here.
Janitor: It's all right, Butchie, she's with me.

Look, Dr. Cox, I know my opinion doesn't mean anything and I'm always wrong and apparently useless - which deep down you know isn't true because... shoot, I forgot your coffee.