Tituba: Anne Hale...I warned Mary Sibley about you long ago. I told her to drown you like a kitten in a well.
Anne: Well, lucky for you she didn't because I bring good news.

Mary: The most fatal error, my treacherous sister -- placing your trust in the dark lord...and this mangy mouter.
[Snaps the cat's neck]
Tituba: Blind me if you will. I can track and kill you in the darkest night!

Mary: One thing has enacted me. When I returned my son did not seem surprised, as if...
Tituba: As if he knew you were coming?
Mary: Yes.
Tituba: You are in greater danger than we could have known. If you would survive, trust no one.
Mary: You examine the Essex Witches, leave me to make my first move.
Tituba: Which is?
Mary: Why to trust no one, of course.

Tituba: You can stop him.
Cotton: That's madness. What could I possibly do that an army cannot?
Tituba: Your love may conquer all.
Cotton: There is no one left in Salem that I love.
Tituba: Not yet. Your love still sleeps like we all once slept in our mother's womb.
Cotton: A child? My child.

Mary: What have you done to me now, queen of bitches?
Tituba: Only ripped your soul through the wall of silence, cursed you back to life, and trapped you forever in the home of all your tears. Run as far and as fast as you may, Mary Sibley. You can never escape Salem.

Forgive me, sister. I, as much as anyone, put you in this grave. And now, I must drag you from it.


Revenge Quotes

Two wrongs can never make a right because two wrongs can never equal each other.


Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves.