It do take nerve to flatten the curve.

Michelle Visage: Guys, you better brace yourselves for this one. It’s the molar opposite of what she’s worn before.
[The judges laugh]
RuPaul: Hey Gigi, how’s your head … gear?
[More laughter]

The truth is, when people are super vulnerable, we fall in love with them. That’s the hard point is being willing to be honest.

Ross Mathews: I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a hundred times: “Two Cox is always better than one.”
Michelle Visage: I agree.
RuPaul: That’s true. Bam!

RuPaul: Are you ready to give them the Drag Race fantasy of their lives?
Queens: Yes!!
RuPaul: Here they come. Just act natural, act natural.
[All the queens do dramatic poses]

RuPaul: Can I get a “Amen” up in here?
Michelle Visage: Amen! Jeff Goldblum, call me!

RuPaul: I need to remind you that this is a mother of two. A mother … of two.
[All the judges laugh]
Michelle Visage: Two breasts.

RuPaul: Now, let’s move on down here to Maria the Robot. Hi Maria!
Gigi Goode: [Moves robotically to RuPaul] What’s up, B****?
[Everyone laughs]

RuPaul: Nicky Doll, what say you?
Nicky Doll: Due to the challenge, I would say myself. I believe I could’ve been wittier in my own language. I have to translate what I say.
RuPaul: Alright, so say if it wasn’t you, which of the other girls would you choose?
Nicky Doll: Ummmm … only due to the runway, I would have to say Heidi.

RuPaul: Which girls were upset by the roles they got?
Gigi Goode: I could kinda see Widow upset that she didn’t get the role she wanted.
RuPaul: [To Widow Von’Du] You wanted to play Blac Chyna, is that right?
[All the queens laugh]

Pit Crew, your patients await. And ladies, I’m sorry to inform you, there will be no anal option.

Leslie Jones: Girl, you better work!
RuPaul: Leslie, are you recording this?
Leslie Jones: Yeah, girl! This is how I do it at home. I live-tweet live!
[They all laugh]
Leslie Jones: And you is bomb! You look like a banana birthday cake! [RuPaul giggling]
RuPaul: And you look amazing!
Leslie Jones: Thank you! I am channeling Diana Ross tonight.
RuPaul: Call her “Ms. Jones.”
[Leslie bursts out laughing]

RuPaul Quotes

Ross Matthews: [About Jan] Even in your lyrics, you say, “push further into mainstream than any queen before.”
RuPaul: Hmmm, I have a little issue with that.
[They all laugh]

RuPaul: But, you can came into the competition saying, “I came to fight!” And, you know, it’s not like you were...
Vixen: Yeah, so, I came into the competition saying, “I came to fight!” Never once did I start a fight.
[Monet makes a face]
RuPaul: Hey, wait, is that true? It looked like you were instigating things.
Vixen: When did I instigate?
RuPaul: This thing between Aquaria and Miz Cracker.
Vixen: It’s not instigating to tell someone the truth. It’s not instigating to tell someone.
RuPaul: Oh, you can also not say anything!
Vixen: You could, but what’s wrong with telling someone the truth?
RuPaul: Well, if you’re gonna tell someone the truth and it’s going to create tension in the room... then that is creating a fight. You also have a choice to not say anything.