Drag is not a crime, but looking this sickening should be.

Anetra: I choose Marcia Marcia Marcia.
Marcia Marcia Marcia: Honor to be a duckling, baby!
RuPaul: Alright. Maybe you can loan her some false eyelashes?
[Everyone is gagged]

RuPaul: You have one more pick. Make it count.
Amethyst: Umm… Poppy.
Princess Poppy: Sorry losers!
RuPaul: Those words may haunt you.
[Everyone is shocked]
Mistress Isabelle Brooks: Oh trust, they will.

RuPaul: Queens! We’re back.
Norvina: And we’re scared!

RuPaul: Up next: Willow Pill! She enjoys long walks on the freeway and coffee enemas.

RuPaul: Oh, look at y’all looking like Expose! You know who Expose is?
[The queens shake their heads]
RuPaul: No. No! I need to fucking retire, is what I need to do.
[All the queens laugh]
RuPaul: Because they don’t know shit about what I’m talking about.

Emote! Through your face, not your ass.

Any hole is a goal.

RuPaul: Can you bend those legs behind your head?
[Lady Camden stretches and puts her legs behind her head]
Lady Camden: Apparently, I can!

RuPaul: I know you’ve adopted purple as your signature color.
Ra’Jah O’Hara: Yes, I have. My favorite color is actually magenta, which is a shade of purple.
RuPaul: See, that’s a very La Toya answer, by the way.
[They all laugh]

RuPaul: You thirsty?
Ra’Jah O’Hara: It ain’t Pride without a drink.

RuPaul: Do you like Bears?
Ginger Minj: Oh yes, I’d eat one but that’d be cannibalism.

RuPaul Quotes

Ross Matthews: [About Jan] Even in your lyrics, you say, “push further into mainstream than any queen before.”
RuPaul: Hmmm, I have a little issue with that.
[They all laugh]

RuPaul: But, you can came into the competition saying, “I came to fight!” And, you know, it’s not like you were...
Vixen: Yeah, so, I came into the competition saying, “I came to fight!” Never once did I start a fight.
[Monet makes a face]
RuPaul: Hey, wait, is that true? It looked like you were instigating things.
Vixen: When did I instigate?
RuPaul: This thing between Aquaria and Miz Cracker.
Vixen: It’s not instigating to tell someone the truth. It’s not instigating to tell someone.
RuPaul: Oh, you can also not say anything!
Vixen: You could, but what’s wrong with telling someone the truth?
RuPaul: Well, if you’re gonna tell someone the truth and it’s going to create tension in the room... then that is creating a fight. You also have a choice to not say anything.