How’s your head … wig?!

RuPaul: Tonight, we’re doing things just a little differently. For the first time in Drag Race herstory, we’re kicking off the season with six lip-syncs for your lives. Now, some will shante and some will sashay away.
Michelle Visage: Wow.
RuPaul: Ooh child, you ain’t ready for this.
[All the judges laugh.]

RuPaul: Michelle Visage, what do you think of the new judges panel?
Michelle Visage: Baby, I feel like I’m the head teller at RuPaul’s Savings & Loan.
[RuPaul laughs]
Michelle Visage: Wanna make a deposit?
[Michelle makes a gesture and everyone laughs]

RuPaul: My queen, is there anything you’d like to say?
Shea Coulee: My name is Shea Coulee and I didn’t come to slay … I came to win!

RuPaul: Now, is it just me or do you also hear that song when I say your name?
Crystal Methyd: It follows me everywhere I go.
[They laugh]
Crystal Methyd: People have been telling me that when you search “El DeBarge,” that I show it.
RuPaul: It is absolutely crazy!

It do take nerve to flatten the curve.

Michelle Visage: Guys, you better brace yourselves for this one. It’s the molar opposite of what she’s worn before.
[The judges laugh]
RuPaul: Hey Gigi, how’s your head … gear?
[More laughter]

The truth is, when people are super vulnerable, we fall in love with them. That’s the hard point is being willing to be honest.

Ross Mathews: I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a hundred times: “Two Cox is always better than one.”
Michelle Visage: I agree.
RuPaul: That’s true. Bam!

RuPaul: Are you ready to give them the Drag Race fantasy of their lives?
Queens: Yes!!
RuPaul: Here they come. Just act natural, act natural.
[All the queens do dramatic poses]

RuPaul: Can I get a “Amen” up in here?
Michelle Visage: Amen! Jeff Goldblum, call me!

RuPaul: Now, let’s move on down here to Maria the Robot. Hi Maria!
Gigi Goode: [Moves robotically to RuPaul] What’s up, B****?
[Everyone laughs]

RuPaul Quotes

I’m kinda triggered right now, because the last time someone handed me a key, it had white powder on the end of it. But that was a looong time ago, and this is so much better than all that.


Ross Matthews: [About Jan] Even in your lyrics, you say, “push further into mainstream than any queen before.”
RuPaul: Hmmm, I have a little issue with that.
[They all laugh]