[to Snooki] You don't need anyone to make you feel that way.

Nicole and Vinny have some sexual tension they need to talk about, 'cause it could be dangerous to the house.

Sammi: Don't ruin your life over me.
Ronnie: You are my life now.

I never thought you would ever, like, do that to me, and you did ... I always knew what I had, and, like, you didn't.

Ron, ya know what? Watch me, cause I'm gonna f*%kin' sh!t on you harder than you ever sh*t on me. BYE RON!

Sammi: I hate you, I hate you, I hate you!
Ronnie: This is why I cheated on you in Miami!

Hot guys come here! I'm single, dance with me!

Seriously, what the f**k? All my stuff is ruined. What makes that OK?

I need to move on from this kid quick and there is only one way to do that - I need to go.

I need closure, bro.

Why is Ronnie bleeding out of his ass? I have no idea.

Sammi: Don't you touch anybody.
Ronnie: I didn't touch anybody like that.
Sammi: I saw it, you f*%king idiot.
Ronnie: On who?
Sammi: You.
Ronnie: On who did I touch like that?
Sammi: You tell me, bro. You f*%king did it.

Sammi 'Sweetheart' Giancola Quotes

I'm the sweetest bitch you'll ever meet, but do not f*ck with me.


[on Snooki dancing] This little shrimp thing is like bopping all around, on the circle and like doing her thing, doing backwards flips with her thong hanging out; her whole crotch is in the air.