Erika: I can't believe he never said a word about her to me.
Colter: Teenagers only talk to teenagers.

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Colter Shaw
Tracker Season 1 Episode 4: "Mt. Shasta"
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Tracker Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Colter: You guys got a lot of fences. A lot of cameras.
Gilroy: It can look extreme, but with the range of kids we have, sometimes its necessary.
Colter: It's been my experience that oftentimes when you give kids boundaries, they find ways around them.

Colter: Mr. Gilroy, we all want to believe that you're gonna find Noah, but you're a little more nervous about this than you're letting on. Why is that?
Gilroy: Noah is a good young man. But as you know, he has a history of substance issues.