Cornelius: The first matter to discuss is our provincial congress. We will hold a vogte on all of our delegates, one from each county. And after, we-- [Jamie enters] I'm afraid, Mr. Fraser, that you are no longer wecome.
Jamie: Why not?
Cornelius: You made your sympathies quite plain when you defended that tory printer. Mr. Beeston was in the street and witnessed everything.
Jamie: I see. So you'd see an innocent man tarred and feathered? Or killed?
Cornelius: That man was printing pamphlets preaching reconcilation with Mother England, which threatens our cause.

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Outlander Season 6 Episode 5: "Give Me Liberty"
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Outlander Season 6 Episode 5 Quotes

Claire: And how is William?
John: Nearly as tall as me, and he bests me at chess almost every game.
Jamie: Well, I hope to have the honor of playing with him one day.
John: Well, it's not only chess. He talks of politics like a politician, of history like a historian, and his knowledge of literature and the modern languages is, well, I hardly know where to begin.

Jamie: Lord John. I didn't account you to be among Mistress MacDonald's many admirers.
John: It should come as no surprise. I have a particular fondness for reformed Jacobites.