Cam: I don’t think we need bones to let us know the victim was a male.
Brennan: We don't have any other way Dr. Saroyan.
Hodgins: I think we do.
Angela: That mangled piece of meat is his…?

Camille Saroyan, Temperance Brennan, Jack Hodgins, Angela Montenegro
Bones Season 9 Episode 13: "Big in the Phillipines"
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Bones Season 9 Episode 13 Quotes

Brennan: I thought your belief in God gave you the sense that the universe had some kind of loving plan.
Booth: Well God tests us to see what we're made of so we can appreciate what we have.
Brennan: Well I can appreciate the universe without cancer.

Booth: I don't believe this.
Brennan: No it's true. I recovered a portion of them as I was scooping vomit out of the victim's eye socket.
Booth: Bones, remember that conversation we had about people trying to eat.
Brennan: Yes. Of course, yes. Well, I'm a little disappointed, because what will be our lunch conversation?