Tyrion: I know you love her. I love her, too. Not as successfully as you, but I believed in her with all my heart. Love is more powerful than reason. We all know that. Look at my brother.
Jon: Love is the death of duty.
Tyrion: You just came up with that?
Jon: Maester Aemon said it a long time ago.
Tyrion: Sometimes, duty is the death of love. You are the shield that guards the realm of men. You've always tried to do the right thing, no matter the cost. You tried to protect people. Who's the greatest threat to the people now? It's a terrible thing I'm asking; it's also the right thing. Do you think I'm the last man she will execute? Who is more dangerous than the rightful heir to the Iron Throne?
Jon: That's her decision. She is the queen. I'm sorry it came to this.

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Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 6: "Episode 6"
Game of Thrones
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Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 6 Quotes

All hail Bran the Broken first of his name, king of the Anders and the First Men, Lord of the Six Kingdoms, protector of the realm.


Blood of my blood. You kept all of your promises to me. You killed my enemies in their iron suits. You tore down their stone houses. You gave me the Seven Kingdoms!