Kristen: Can I ask you, if you don't believe in God, can an exorcism work on you?
David: Sure, God exists despite what any one individual thinks.
Kristen: Right, but for a placebo to work, the patient has to believe in the drug.
David: Yes, but an exorcism isn't a placebo.
Kristen: That's where you and I disagree.

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Evil Season 2 Episode 11: "I Is for IRS"
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Evil Season 2 Episode 11 Quotes

Kristen: This is a scam, isn't it?
Graham: Oh, yee of little faith. No more than your church.

Kristen: And what's your creed?
Graham: Do what you want, unless it hurts someone. If someone presents themselves as your adversary, destroy them, and look for rewards now, not after. Satan. All glory.
Kristen: Destroy them. How?
Graham: Not in any way that would break the laws of the United States.