That's why I brought this. Meet my friend. El Oyo Del Diablo. I meet him when I was chasing Noriega around Panama. Now we have a tradition in the villages down there. When there's as fight, both sides lock themselves in a room and they drink this until they're bonkers. It helps them move right past their differences. You two are going to spend some quality time together. Nobody is leaving until every drop is gone.


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Sam Axe
Burn Notice Season 6 Episode 7: "Reunion"
Burn Notice
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Burn Notice Season 6 Episode 7 Quotes

Sam: Don't sweat it. We'll work together like Butch and Sundance, right kid?
Evan: Who's that?
Sam: [blank stare]
Jesse: In one minute the power to those cameras goes out. You two are doing the 100 yard dash. Stretch out those hammys.

Fiona: Thank you for not giving up.
Michael: Consider it pay back for the thousand times you never gave up on me.