The Male Lion now wants to be alone. he sends the female away an promises he will call her tomorrow. But the female won't leave. No, she is moving right in. Looks like the male lion is screwed.

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South Park Season 3 Episode 7: "Cat Orgy"
South Park
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South Park Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

Oh, that sounds fine. I'm going to a meteor shower party. The number where I'll be is on the refrigerator. Eric's nookie time is 9 o'clock sharp. If his little woogums get cold, you can turn up the heat over here. And if he gets cranky, just play tummy-rub-rubs with him, and make sure he wipes good after he makes bears.


Lianne: Thank you so much for babysitting little Eric, Shelley.
Lianne: All those other babysitters wouldn't come back.