Claire: Gates what's wrong?
Gates: There's no easy way to say this Claire, but the reactor's overheating and I've only got a few minutes left. It's either I go or we all do.
Claire: No, come on Gates you're the smartest man in Vega. There's gotta be another way. Think. Think.
Gates: Claire I would love nothing more right now than to see your face. You know if I could find a way to get back to you, I promise you I would.

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Dominion Season 2 Episode 10: "House of Sacrifice"
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Dominion Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Noma: Sometimes it feels like they're being torn off again.
Alex: Phantom pains?
Noma: Worse. Crazy how a part of you can hurt so much even after it's gone.
Noma: How's Claire?
Alex: We lost the baby.
Noma: I'm so sorry Alex.

David: You're supposed to be dead. If Claire finds you, you're going to hang and I'll be swinging next to you. We have to leave Vega.
William: We're not going anywhere. God chose me to cleanse the world of evil one person at a time. And I don't know a heart more troubled than yours David. The moment I saw you, I knew God brought you to me. My work begins with you.