Andrea: Everything I have is in this company, don't do this.
Board member: It's over. OK? I'm sorry, maybe next time don't make your supplements out of fertilizer.
Andrea: You have no idea what you're talking about. You're just a fat cat who came for the ride. I appreciate the cash but don't speak to me like that. I'm okay doing this alone.
Bell: There's another way.

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The Resident Season 3 Episode 14: "The Flea"
The Resident
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The Resident Season 3 Episode 14 Quotes

John: I wish I had gotten the worst of it and not her. I can't lose her. I just, I don't even know what my life looks like without Becky.
Conrad: I understand. But if we don't take care of you, then you can't take care of Becky, so why don't we focus on you for a minute.

Cain: You brought Hawkins back?
Logan: He signed a lucrative deal with a national sports franchise.
Cain: He's still a whistleblower.
Logan: I'm aware. Risk versus reward. I made the call.
Cain: It's insanity.
Logan: It turns out he's a rainmaker. Red Rock loves the rain.
Cain: Yeah, I'm aware. Remember who you're talking to?
Logan: Careful now, Barrett. Proceed with caution.
Cain: I should have been informed. Leaving me out of the loop about Hawkins is a sign of disrespect to the surgeon who has made more rain for you and Red Rock than anyone else.
Logan: Not as much as you used to. Your billing is heading in the wrong direction. Pair that with the expensive neuro center we're building on your behalf, by my assessment, I gotta say. You gotta hustle up.
Cain: Hustle up? What, exactly, are you implying?
Logan: Everyone has an expiration date. Everyone.