Anissa: Aniyah said she showed up in South Freeland about 30 years ago.
Jefferson: Thirty years ago? So she might be one of the original kids infected by the vaccine.
Anissa: So, she’s just like you?
Jefferson: Well, no, I wouldn’t say just like me, but, yeah. Wow. Sounds like I may not be the only vaccine kid out and about.

Black Lightning Season 2 Episode 6: "The Book of Blood: Chapter Two: The Perdi"
Black Lightning
The CW
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Black Lightning Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

Jennifer: I’m sorry you have to deal with all this alone. Hey, we’ll figure it out.
Khalil: Yo, why you even giving me the time of day?
Jennifer: This whole Painkiller thing is not you. We’ve all been through a lot. Plus, I don’t want you to make any more mistakes ‘cause you made some bad decisions this year. Like, really bad.

Jennifer: Okay, if we’re being honest, it wasn’t your fault those kids died. But technically, as the person in charge of the facility, it was your responsibility to keep them safe. So once again, even though it was not your fault that they died, they kinda were your responsibility. You get what I’m saying?
Lynn: Wow ...
[Lynn gets up to go]
Lynn: Thank you for your honesty.