Tarrin: You shouldn't feel guilty for being happy.
Lea: I wasn't happy at that moment. I was... scared.
Tarrin: For us?
Lea: And for me. You two are so different... and so angry. But you are also so strong.
Tarrin: You don't think you're strong enough?
Lea: Not for this.
Tarrin: This doesn't usually happen. This isn't supposed to happen. And the way we've dealt with it has nothing to do with what kind of parents we are. Compassion does. And the way you treated us... you're gonna be a great mother.

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The Good Doctor Season 4 Episode 15: "Waiting"
The Good Doctor
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The Good Doctor Season 4 Episode 15 Quotes

Glassman: This one's different, huh.
Shaun: Because he's a child?
Glassman: Yeah, because he's a child.
Shaun: No, I've lost children before.
Glassman: Every parent has just one job: to keep his child alive, to keep him from all the horrors in the world. And maybe because you can't protect Ethan...
Shaun: That is not rational.
Glassman: Maybe not, but it's worth it.
Shaun: It doesn't seem like it's worth it.
Glassman: You don't mean that.
Shaun: I came here to get surgical advice about Ethan and all you've given me is emotional advice about me.

Tarrin: You're one of them.
Karina: Them?
Tarrin: Get away from me!