Cookie: I know how bad you wanted Titan, but they're going to break his ass in prison. You lose your soul when you feel like the world's forgotten you.
Lucious: I never forgot about you. Couldn't. I did some things that I had to do in order to make sure that when you got out you would have all of this stuff.
Cookie: This stuff, meaning this material stuff? You just stopped coming. No calls, no letter, no explanation. Just left me twisting in the wind.

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Empire Season 1 Episode 4: "False Imposition"
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Empire Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

This race between you and Jamal? It's yours to lose. Prove to me that you as bad as Titan. That's all I want.

Lucious [to Hakeem]

What I want is for everyone to be talking about Empire until this IPO is launched. What I want is everyone talking about Hakeem. What I want most of all is for you to put donkey kong in a barrel and get the hell out of my office.