Logan: OK, now you. Step up on the rack. I'm gonna pull you limb from limb like a pinata. Let's see what falls out.
Kendall: OK. So you want? What?
Logan: I want the game plan. What the time table is, capital structure, end game. What they might accept, what their weak points are. But we'll start at the start. When did they approach you?
Kendall: Uh, when did they approach me?
Logan: Uh huh. Did it take long or did you open your legs on the first date?
Kendall: Uh, no. They took their time to, uh, persuade me.
Logan: To betray me.

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Succession Season 2 Episode 1: "The Summer Palace"
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Succession Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Shiv: God he looks terrible. He looks like a frozen corpse.
Tom: Yeah, he looks waxy, like an unshaven candle.

Ragnar: A public and personal declaration of withdrawal could be really helpful. You OK, mate?
Kendall: Yeah.
Ragnar: Yeah, you could do this. You could stop it.
Kendall: OK, yeah. I mean. My dad wants me to do it, uh, I'll, I'll do it. [reading note] 'I saw their plan. Dad's plan is better.'
Ragnar: How you feel? You look good.
Kendall: Yeah, I feel, uh, I feel good.