Dr. Cox: (to Carla) I know jerks. Hell, I married a jerk. I divorced a jerk.
J.D.: New freckle.
Dr. Cox: I'm interrupted by jerks. Look, just give me two minutes with this Maddox, and I'll know for sure whether or not she's a jerk.

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J.D., Perry Cox
Scrubs Season 8 Episode 1: "My Jerks"
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Scrubs Season 8 Episode 1 Quotes

Dr. Maddox: (Looking in Ted's briefcase) Hey, how come all you have in here is a smiley face button and a revolver?
Ted: Well...one's in case I get sad and...the other one's in case I get really sad.
Dr. Maddox: Well! See you tomorrow.
Ted: We'll see.

J.D.: So, this intern you mentioned earlier, I'm sure eventually he turned into a pretty amazing doctor, didn't he?
Dr. Cox: Actually, it was a she.
J.D.: It wasn't me?
Dr. Cox: Oh, no, it was you. It was you.