Wynonna: Mr. ‘I Am A Weapon.’ It’s me, Mr. ‘I Am Happy To See You.’
Doc: I see the shears did not fail you. Well, maybe this will.
Wynonna: What the hell, Doc? As far as reunions, go this is better than my high school, but not as good as 90210.
Doc: I demand you stop using the voice of the woman I care deeply for.
Wynonna: You care deeply for? At least I know you’re the real, emotionally constipated Doc.
Doc: And you are a fraud, a harlot.
Wynonna: That’s like your favorite thing about me.
Doc: The real Wynonna is back in Purgatory.
Wynonna: Listen, I found Nicole. She decked me. We did a road trip. We got sniped by a mouthy teen. We found and broke into an abandoned BBD facility. And then we killed a bunch of scientist mutants. But now I am here, and we have to get back there.
Doc: That is exactly what the false Wynonna would say. Your tricks are useless.
Wynonna: Tricks are for kids. We have one. Alice, remember?
Doc: Alice.
Wynonna: It’s me, Doc. It’s me. I’m no deep fake; I’m real.
Doc: I cannot risk it. I swore to protect Waverly.
Wynonna: Bollywood. Our safe word.
Doc: For when private time gets too…
Wynonna: Honky tonk.

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Wynonna Earp Season 4 Episode 2: "Friends in Low Places"
Wynonna Earp
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Wynonna Earp Season 4 Episode 2 Quotes

Wynonna: Those things are everywhere.
Rachel: Those things used to be brilliant physicists. They were working on an interdimensional gateway.
Wynonna: To the Garden?
Rachel: Whatever it was Black Badge was trying to weaponize it. once they actually got the thing to open, BBD panicked and gassed everyone.
Wynonna: It’s the 2005 chili cook off all over again, minus the edibles I scored and riding ‘Hollaback Girl’ on repeat.
Rachel: You might be even weirder than me, and my best friend for six months has been a rat.

Doc: You are here.
Eve (as Nicole): I am.
Doc: But how are you here? And, uh, why did your garments not accompany you?
Eve (as Nicole): Ahhh. Ahhhh. Oh my god, don’t look at me.
Doc: I was not.
Eve (as Nicole): Do not look at me.
Doc: I would never. Although, Sheriff Haught, I have seen many fine form women in my lifetime.
Eve (as Nicole): No, nope.
Doc: This is nothing to me. This is merely water off a duck’s back.
Eve (as Nicole): I am not a damn duck, so stop talking and find me something to wear.