Gallo: OK, look, there’s healthy, and then there’s this. What do I do with it?
Ritter: I don’t know.
Gallo: OK, well you got us into this mess, so figure it out.
Ritter: What? I’m not the cook; you are.
Kidd: What’s going on?
Gallo: Mr. Suck Up here offered to make Chief Boden separate meals.
Ritter: Whoa, what was I supposed to do? He was standing here, all cranky, yelling about the stuff that Donna dropped off.
Gallo: I don’t even know what these are.
Ritter: They’re flaxseeds. I told you.
Gallo: See, that doesn’t help me at all.
Kidd: OK, this is ridiculous. We can’t live under this tyranny. I’ll talk to the chief when he gets back from the district meeting.

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Chicago Fire Season 8 Episode 16: "The Tendency of a Drowning Victim"
Chicago Fire
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Chicago Fire Season 8 Episode 16 Quotes

Casey: Everything all right, chief?
Boden: What’s that supposed to mean?
Herrmann: You seem a little on edge, that’s all.
Boden: Donna’s got me on some damn diet.
All: Oh.
Cruz: We’re all done by shift’s end.
Severide: Donna wants you to lose weight?
Boden: Do I look like I need to lose weight?
Kidd: Of course not chief, but that’s what diets are for sometimes.
Boden: Look, my last checkup, my cholesterol numbers are high. Now I’m following something I found on the internet called a surplus diet.
Mouch: Oh, I read about that: surplus of fiber, not fat.
Boden: A surplus of starvation is more like it.

Julie: But hey, I want to learn more about you.
Brett: Oh uh …
Julie: Like what’s your favorite movie?
Brett: Uh, I must have watched ‘La La Land’ like a hundred times.
Julie: Ugh, I loved ‘La La Land’ ‘til it got sad.
Brett: Oh same. I turn it off when they break up.
Julie: Well, they should have ended up together.
Brett: Totally.
Julie: Well, what about your favorite foods?
Brett: Do you really want to know what kinds of foods I like?
Julie: Sylvie, I want to know everything.