Sebastian: Go ahead...kill her!
Jace: How are you...
Sebastian: What are you waiting for? Kill her! To love is to destroy. Isn’t that what our father always told us?
Clary: How are you here?
Sebastian: Take that dagger and stab her through the heart. If you don’t, I will.
[They fight and Clary gets stabbed by accident]

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Shadowhunters Season 3 Episode 1: "On Infernal Ground"
Katherine McNamara, Dominic Sherwood
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Shadowhunters Season 3 Episode 1 Quotes

Simon: What are you planning on doing to me?
Seely Queen: Relax.
Simon: Come on. You guys really had to tie me up to vines again? Bad memories.
Seely Queen: It is this way, so that you don’t reflexively squirm.
Meliorn: It is ready, my lady.
Simon: Why are you going to hurt me? I’ve done everything you’ve asked, I’m a good guy...I sang you a song about nature!
Seely Queen: Don’t not fret. The hurt will be over before you know it.
Simon: So, this is it? This is the end? This is the end?!
Seely Queen: Proceed.
[Seely spins around the sticks]
Simon: What is that? What are you doing?!
[Simon screams in pain as the rune is applied]

Luke: You know, I’m proud of you, Kiddo. It’s not every day you get an angelic rune. Pick your weapons yet?
Clary: Yeah.
[She shows the first blade]
Clary: What is it?
Luke: That was your father’s dagger.
Clary: What?!
Luke: You didn’t know?
Clary: I didn’t know. I had no idea.
[She shows the second dagger]
Clary: I choose this one too.
Luke: You don’t choose the blades. The blades choose you. That one was Jocelyn’s.
Clary: What?
Luke: They’re both part of you, Kiddo. The light and the dark, whether you like it or not.