Ben: I would never hurt Ciara.
Eve: That's your line these days, that you've changed? I wish your victims could hear that, like Serena Mason and that midwife...what was her name?
Ben: Wendy.
Eve: What's that? I couldn't hear you.
Ben: WENDY!!!
Eve: That's right. Wendy. I'm sure she'd be happy you remembered her name. Though she would probably be happier to still be a midwife, be bringing new life into the world. Now I'm forgetting someone. Who could it be... that's right. My daughter Paige. Do you remember her? You snuffed the life right out of her when she was in her prime. You're going to do to Ciara exactly what you did to Paige.
Ben: I would never hurt Ciara!
Eve: What? Being a serial killer was just a phase?

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Days of Our Lives
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Days of Our Lives Quotes

Doug: I'm not Doug.
Marlena: I think you're confused. I'm Marlena Evans. You're Doug Williams.
Doug: I'm not confused. I know exactly who you are. [creepy voice] It's been 25 years, but did you really think I wasn't going to come back for you?

I've only read two e-mails from the woman and already I want to do a lot more than threaten her. My favorite type, a vindictive woman who can't spell.