Amelia: I know it's my body, but you are free to have feelings.
Link: I spent the day trying to wrap my head around this. Every worst-case scenario if we actually go through with this, and I've got about a million of them. Cancer, global warming, gun violence. Antibiotic-resistant superbug. But talking to you now, looking at you, listening to you , and hearing what you have survived; what I know I don't want is for anything to hurt you. That feels real to me. That feels tangible. And everything that scares me suddenly feels irrelevant, so if you want to have this kid, I will suck up my fears, and I'll be a dad. Because let's face it, kids love me, and um, if you don't want it, I will drive you to the appointment. I will be there for you in any way I possibly can. That's what I know. That's my feelings.
Amelia: Dammit, Link!

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Grey's Anatomy Season 16 Episode 2: "Back In The Saddle"
Grey's Anatomy
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Grey's Anatomy Season 16 Episode 2 Quotes

Tom: Oh shoot, is this weird for you? We've all shared the same how should I say it?
Link: You shouldn't.
Tom: Past times. Lady friend. You have poo on your collar.
Owen: What, where?
Tom: Made you look. You are such a standup guy. Leaving Teddy all alone in a motel with a new baby. Owen: What are you still doing here, Tom? Hm? Don't you have a job in Baltimore, or did you lose that too?
Tom: What a funny way to talk to your boss. Oh, Teddy didn't tell you?
Owen: Tell me what?
Tom: Since your friends went rogue, Catherine made me god of this place, so practice kneeling, maybe throw in a few prayers.

You go back in there, and you take your joy back.