You know, I got to tell you, yesterday when we went to your house, and when they started planning your car, I was totally shut off. The perception right now, especially between Black people and cops,’s tension. When Henry pulled us over, I immediately started freaking out. I really thought that, you know, this was gonna be that incident where I was gonna be dragged out of the car. My kid did not want to get his license because he was scared he was going to get pulled over and shot by a cop.


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Queer Eye Quotes

Jonathan: I notice a little bit of dryness on your cheek.
Tom: That’s my Lupus.
Jonathan: Okay, let’s talk about that a little. One thing I know about Lupus is that it’s all about SPF. Like, we have to protect your skin from UVA and UVB rays because sun actually can cause inflammation and flare ups for people with Lupus.
Tom: Right...
[Cut to Jonathan’s confessional]
Jonathan: How you take care of yourself is how the world sees you, and he’s not taking care of himself.

Bobby: We are about to pull in. What’s our mission today with Tom?
Jonathan: We’re gonna dust off these Christmas ghosts’ pasts of these relationships, we’re gonna sort out his closet, we’re gonna get him cuter, we’re gonna get him looking good, we’re gonna get the house fixed up. We’re ready! We cannot wait. Am I right?
All: Yes!