Ricky: Where do you see yourself in five years?
Eric: Fatso Burger.
Fez: Covered in gold chains!
Kelso: Rock star. No, a movie star No, wait. Yeah. Rock star.
Hyde: Prison.

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Eric Forman, Fez, Steven Hyde, Michael Kelso
That 70's Show Season 1 Episode 5: "Eric's Burger Job"
That 70's Show
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That 70's Show Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

(after Jackie calls Eric stupid)
Hyde: Well, this is a first. I actually agree with Jackie.
Eric: What? You're saying that I'm stupid?
Hyde: Donna just put on the full court press, man, and you dropped the ball.
Eric: What are you talking about? All she said was she'd be alone on Saturday night with a pizza... Oh God, I'm so stupid.

Ricky: Tell me, what do you consider your best quality?
Eric: Well, I'm a real people person.
Hyde: I don't answer stupid questions.
Fez: I speak Dutch.
Kelso: My eyes. Oh, and I guess my butt too.