Ari: Where the hell is E?
Vince: M.I.A.
Ari: Well, we need him 'cause maybe that neurotic little elf nipping at your heels will make you understand that we are in a major crisis situation here!

Ari Gold, Vincent "Vince" Chace
Entourage Season 4 Episode 10: "Snow Job"
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Entourage Season 4 Episode 10 Quotes

Richard: What the hell is going on?
Ari: Desperate times call for desperate measures here.
Richard: Thank God I'm in a robe.
Ari: And may I comment on what lovely ankles you have.

Ari: Yeah Lloyd?
Lloyd: It's your wife, she says it's urgent.
Ari: Put her through Lloyd.
Lloyd: Here she is.
Ari: What's wrong baby?
Dana Gordon: You're avoiding my fucking calls!
Ari: Does that sound like my wife, Lloyd?
Lloyd: It did yes, but now it doesn't. Sorry