Cookie: Damon! You're cutting off my circulation.
Damon: Shut up!
Cookie: Why are you doing this, please?
Damon: Why am I doing this? Why am I doing this? You serious, or are you playing dumb on me? Look! You, right there, you see you? You playing dumb. You like to play dumb. You need to know, you need to know why I'm doing it. You got my information in your phone, right? And I'm stupid enough to want to give your ass the world. Hell no, I swear to god, I'm gonna blow your damn brains out.

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Empire Season 6 Episode 3: "You Broke Love"
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Empire Season 6 Episode 3 Quotes

Teri: Our Angel. We're so, so happy to have you.
Andre: Yes we are.

Kingsley: Congratulations, little bro. A new Lyon cub in the den, I am so proud. What, no hug? I missed you, man.
Andre: Yeah, this isn't happening. This is my anti-rejection meds causing hallucinations.
Kingsley: Don't do that, Andre. We're brothers. We got a lot to do. You're going to need me if we're going to keep Empire.
Andre: Keep?
Kingsley: We both know the old man's coming back. He killed me when I took the throne. You want that to happen to you?
Andre: You shot yourself, Kingsley.
Kingsley: He drove me to that. You, with your mental health challenges, you're vulnerable to his attacks. We have to secure the legacy for our little prince in there. Let's talk.