Addison: Why rush it?
Naomi: Because I want to go away with my boyfriend. Like a woman. Like a woman with a lover. Lover. Lover, I like that. It's a lot better than boyfriend. He's my lover. What do you think?
Addison: Lover ...
Naomi: No. It sounds stupid. It's so like soap opera.
Addison: No, it's got ...
Naomi: Paramour ...

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Addison Montgomery, Naomi Bennett
Private Practice Season 2 Episode 17: "Wait and See"
Private Practice
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Private Practice Season 2 Episode 17 Quotes

Pete: They're fighting the way you should be fighting.
Beverly: I don't want to be the one ... who dies.
Pete: Then be the one who lives.

Charlotte: I slept with Archer Montgomery. I just thought you shoulds know.
Cooper: No! No! You don't get to just walk away from me after telling me that. How dare you. How dare you do this.
Charlotte: It's just the way I am.
Cooper: Well that's crap. You did the one thing you could, to push me away, to make me make a choice and not you. Guess what, Charlotte? That's not gonna work. I'm not going anywhere. You want to sleep with some guy to hurt me? Make me back off? Too bad. I'm here. I'm storming the freaking castle for you and you so underestimated me. What, you thought I was so weak that I'm going to walk away because my pride got wounded? You're mine and I'm not walking away because you're scared.