Sue: I don’t give a shit about that man.
Emily: Then why did you sleep with him? And why, why did you keep telling me to give him my poems?
Sue: Because I couldn’t handle the things your poems made me feel. Your poems are too powerful. They’re like snakes. They slither into me, and they coil around my heart, and they squeeze me until I can’t breathe. They are flittering and venomous, and they bite. I got scared, Emily. Of you, of the way that you grip me, of the way that you poison me. When I married Austin, and we became sisters, the only bond between us was your words. You started writing so much, and I was the only one who ever saw any of it. I got overwhelmed, so I thought if I pushed you a little…
Emily: If you pushed me away, I’d become someone else’s problem? Well, guess what? I’m not your problem anymore, Sue. You can go back to your perfect parlor with your fancy dresses and be as exquisitely empty as you like, because I will never make you feel anything again. And without me…
Sue: What?
Emily: Without me, I don’t think you know how to have feelings.

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Dickinson Season 2 Episode 10: "You cannot put a Fire out"
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Dickinson Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Sue: Where is Emily?
Austin: At home I imagine. She doesn’t usually come to church.
Sue: You know I still haven’t seen her since her poem was published. It’s like she’s hiding from me.
Austin: Yes, well, I’d leave her alone if I were you.
Sue: But I have things I need to say to her.
Austin: I imagine she knows them already.

Ship: I’m glad we worked things out, baby.
Lavinia: Me too.
Ship: So now you can say good-bye to your whole family because we’re moving to New Orleans.
Lavinia: Wait, what?
Ship: We can talk about this later.