Negan: I don't know... Saving some shithole of a home that's not worth saving.
Annie: Negan, don't.
Maggie: Actually, he's right. Maybe Hilltop isn't worth saving. Those people are. This fight that I'm in, that I started, with Hornsby... It's not gonna end until I end it.
Negan: And I got no doubt you will. But I also got no doubt that you are firmly in the crosshairs of this Lance asshole, so... So I'm coming with you.
Maggie: No. I'll finish it.
Annie: Maggie, we can help fight...
Maggie: No, please. I need you to stay here... With Hershel, with those others. Keep them away from Hilltop and safe until this is over.
Negan: He doesn't exactly trust me, you know?
Maggie: But I'm starting to. You saved him at Riverbend. Whatever else happens, and whatever else has happened, I will never forget that.
Negan: Wow. You have big balls, Maggie Rhee. I got you. And I got your boy.

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