John: Those students you butchered. They didn't just leap from your imagination. They were flesh and blood.
Shaw: Yes and they invaded my space. My world, my rules. It's a lesson you're about to learn.

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Constantine Season 1 Episode 11: "A Whole World Out There"
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Constantine Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes, Constantine Quotes
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Constantine Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

John: So this chap, Carter, he a mate of yours as well?
Ritchie: It's okay Lily, this is my colleague of sorts; John Constantine.
John: I'm just trying to piece together what happened to your mate last night.
Ritchie: It's alright, you can answer his questions. I am confident my associate's not going to get you in trouble.

Manny: Wow, self pity parade. Is this what you do when you're left to your own devices?
John: What's the point in having a mirror that shows you the past if you can't wallow in it?