Dad: We have always disagreed here. I am not comfortable imposing my will on anyone and I haven't been since 1978.
Ani: Not even to stop someone from walking into a river.
Dad: Yes, not even then. And if your mother's flair for drama had been more present in her acting, she might have gone on to great things.

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True Detective Season 2 Episode 1: "The Western Book of the Dead"
True Detective
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True Detective Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Frank: You're Deptuy Velcoro, right? This 'filth' hurt your woman. You know this guy.
Ray: Tell me.
Frank: Sometimes, everybody's not always on the same side. Fine. It's business. But this. No. Fuck that. Somethings don't stand.

Harris: You were with LA sheriff's department eight years before Vinci PD. Anything there going to hurt you?
Ray: No. I welcome judgment.