Jane: Well, she had a puppy, and the puppy died. So she got a new puppy. But then, out of nowhere, the other puppy was found.
Mateo: Where?
Jane: Wandering.
Mateo: Like Moses?
Jane: No. Not like Moses. In Montana. The point is, now she has two puppies, but her parents won't let her have two puppies, so what's the plan for that?
Mateo: I don't know?
Jane: Exactly. Because there is now plan. My friend has to come up with a plan. But religion makes it seem like it will all magically work itself out which is totally false.
Mateo: It is?
Jane: Yes. You know, you may be a little too young for CCD. You're not going anymore.
Mateo: Okay. Do you think we could have the other puppy though?
Narrator: Holy hell.

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Jane the Virgin Season 5 Episode 2: "Chapter Eighty-Three"
Jane the Virgin
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Jane the Virgin Season 5 Episode 2 Quotes

Rose: Did you come to thank me? I took out the competition. Got you the girl.
Rafael: Why did you wipe Michael's memories?
Rose: Is that really what you want to ask me? Or are you trying to find out if what I did to Michael is reversible? Afraid that if Michael gets his memory back, Jane will go running back to her one true love like she always does?

Jane: Trust me, he needs that dog because he is not a people person.
*Michael laughing while talking to Jorge*
Petra: Maybe he's just not a Jane person.