Marley: You act like you don't care what anyone thinks but you obviously are just as desperate to fit in as everyone else if you'll date her.
Jake: You don't know how it feels to really be on the outside. The black kids think I'm too white and the white kids think I'm too black. And Kitty's funny and hot and yeah a little crazy, but you know what? She likes me and when I'm next to her, no one makes fun of me, for once.

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Glee Season 4 Episode 4: "The Break Up"
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Glee Season 4 Episode 4 Quotes

I'm gonna take this down to the park and watch drug deals go down.


Brittany: Ah, young love.
Blaine: Do you remember when you started dating Santana and I started dating Kurt back before everyone was so busy and far away and things were so much simpler? We had so much more hope and innocence. Every day was just like Valentine's Day.
Brittany: We're still young. Shouldn't we still be experiencing those things?

Glee Season 4 Episode 4 Music

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Teenage dream 1 Teenage Dream Glee Cast iTunes
Glee cast barely breathing Barely Breathing Glee Cast iTunes
Glee cast give your heart a break Give Your Heart A Break Glee Cast iTunes