Smurf: What are you going to do for money?
Pamela: Make some. What are you going to do? You gonna live in your car and rip up corner stores until those babies grow up or you get caught? What's your plan?
Smurf: You were my plan.
Pamela: You better come up with another, because I'm out.

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Animal Kingdom Season 5 Episode 2: "What Remains"
Animal Kingdom
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Animal Kingdom Season 5 Episode 2 Quotes

Craig: Why would she do that to us, man?
Deran: Why would she do any of the shit she did to us?
J: Question is what can we do next?

Deran: Can we talk to this Pamela Johnson and try and work something out with her?
Attorney: I've been in touch with her attorney, she seems very satisfied by the results of the will.
Deran: Yeah, I bet she is.
J: What if she didn't show up to the probate hearing?
Attorney: ... She has a family. The estate would transfer to them.