Shaun: So I have an interesting patient. He says cancer made him stronger but that's impossible.
Lea: Shaun. Would you interrupt Glassman while he is doing brain surgery, offer him a sandwich, and start telling him about his day?
Shaun: That is different.
Lea: Why? Because his job is important and mine's not? You have any idea how insulting and demeaning you're being, just like every man I've ever worked under. You don't respect me.
Shaun: You can't bring sandwiches into an OR.

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The Good Doctor Season 4 Episode 10: "Decrypt"
The Good Doctor
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The Good Doctor Season 4 Episode 10 Quotes

Olivia: I never wanted to be a doctor. But every time I tried to say so my parents and professors and you pushed me and encouraged me til I backed down. So I knew if I got fired, there was no way you could pep-talk me back into a career I don't want.
Andrews: Livvie...
Olivia: I don't want to be important or successful. I just want to be myself. But I don't even know who that is. So the only way I can find out is if I burn my bridges behind me.

Olivia: I can't get it open. My code won't work.
Claire: Well, figure it out! This patient needs a chest tube.