Diana: So how did you figure it out?
Alan: What? That I was gay?
Diana: Yeah.
Alan: [laughs] It all started with Wally Cleaver.
Diana: What?
Alan: I couldn't stop thinking about Wally Cleaver from Leave it to Beaver.
Diana: Come on.
Alan: It's true. I thought about him all the time, and sometimes I kissed the TV.
Diana: Sounds romantic.
Alan: You can't choose who you love.

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American Woman Season 1 Episode 5: "Adam"
American Woman
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American Woman Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Bonnie: So. Am I your muse?
Adam: You're my inspiration. You'll be my muse when somebody buys it.

Kathleen: You need to untangle your tingle.
Bonnie: I don't know what you're saying.