Rachel: So, anyway, I said to Louis 'I don't care if most of the associates start in the bull pen, I am not giving up my office.'
Donna: That's great, Rachel, but I'm on my third glass of chardonnay and I don't think you called me over here to tell me you submitted your application to the bar, or that you're putting you foot down with Louis.
Rachel: You're right. I called you over here to tell you that I put my foot down with Mike.
Donna: You finally told him to pick a hair style and stick with it?

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Suits Season 6 Episode 13: "Teeth, Nose, Teeth"
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Suits Season 6 Episode 13 Quotes

Harvey: Hey, Mike, what are you doing here?
Mike: I came to apologize to you for yelling at you about going to Gibbs.
Harvey: You don't have to do that.
Mike: Yes, I do. I know you only had my best interests at heart. You always do and... I shouldn't have snapped at you.
Harvey: Well, I shouldn't have gone to her behind your back.
Mike: That's okay. Kinda worked out.
Harvey: Come on in, let's have a drink. You can tell me all about it.

Mike: You're never going to believe it, but they have me supervising a third year law student, thinks she knows more than me.
Harvey: You mean, you have a you?
Mike: She is so much worse than me.
Harvey: Is she constantly talking about what a great memory she has? Does she have a man purse?
Mike: You done?

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