Claire: I'm sorry I didn't tell you it was Stephen Bonnet when I knew. Had I, it might have saved Roger. I never thought I would keep a secret like that from you.
Jamie: Until Brianna.
Claire: When I made you that promise there was no one else in my life that would come before you. But I don't know if I can keep that promise anymore.
Jamie: I understand, but I cannot be a father of to her.
Claire: Of course, you can. She's just hurt right now.
Jamie: She doesna need me. I never thought I'd be jealous of a dead man.
Claire: Of Frank?
Jamie: You heard what Bree said. Frank would have never said those things to her or made the mistakes that I have.
Claire: Frank made plenty of mistakes. All parents do.
Jamie: Bree thinks he's a better man. I thought perhaps you were beginning to feel the same, Sassenach.
Claire: You fool. Come here. She didn't mean it. She doesn't want you to go to hell.

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Outlander Season 4 Episode 11: "If Not For Hope"
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Outlander Season 4 Episode 11 Quotes

Lord John: Your father would never divulge to me anything that you did not wish me to know. He's an honorable man.
Brianna: Don't talk to me about my father.

If there was a moving picture about me, I'd be seen as a fearsome brute.