Turk: You know, I'm actually starting to like Journey.
J.D.: Well you're gonna be very pleased with the next twenty-three songs.

J.D., Turk
Scrubs Season 3 Episode 2: "My Journey"
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Scrubs Season 3 Episode 2 Quotes

Turk: What really freaks me out, though, is the thought of being that open with another guy - any guy. I don't know what it is, I mean that's just the way I been my whole life. Maybe... maybe it's because I'm scared, you know?
Mr. Quinn: Dude... that's a little gay.

Janitor: Nurse Espinosa, I feel bad about what happened before; and so I went and searched through like forty bags of garbage... And I found the torn off urine label. Also found half a tooth.
Laverne: Over here, jumpsuit!
Carla: Mr. Thomasberg, let's get you to the lab!
Dr. Cox: Hey, studly! Now, when you were out rooting through the dumpster, you didn't stumble across your own testicles, did'ja?
Janitor: Hey, you know that long line of trembling peons that are so afraid of you? Well I'm not in that line.
Dr. Cox: Oh, you're not?
Janitor: No. I'm not in anybody's line.
Laverne: This is a Chicklet!
Janitor: I gotta go.