You know one day I'm going to be an old man, laying in bed with a pink blanket pulled over me. Maybe the pink blanket's pale, I can't remember. Anyway, do you know what I'm going to be thinking about? It's not about this election. I'm going to be thinking about blueberry pie. I'm going to be thinking about making gingerbread trains with my four favorite girls. It's family that makes me special, you four are what makes me great. And I'm sorry if I haven't done a good job of showing you that enough lately.


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This Is Us Season 3 Episode 10: "The Last Seven Weeks"
This Is Us
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This Is Us Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

Kevin: We don't have to live together then. You don't even have to unpack, I'll just walk over your stuff for the rest of my life. It'll be good for my calves.
Zoe: I want to live with you, I do. Because even though you might be the most pushy person I have ever met, I think I like what you're pushing for. I'm in love with you and I want John Stamos back.

All that stuff you worry about, having balance. In my experience, there's one key piece to that puzzle. I just hope the universe puts the right person in your path like your mom was for me. You know someone who brings out all the good stuff, your best stuff because by god son, what a force you will be.