Jordan: You know that bag of bones my sister Danny married? He died, she got nothing.
Cox: Bert died?
Jodran: You're not listening. Danny got nothing. You need to do your will so I can get all your stuff.

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Perry Cox, Jordan Sullivan
Scrubs Season 9 Episode 9: "Our Stuff Gets Real"
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Scrubs Season 9 Episode 9 Quotes

Let's just avoid the breast region. They're big, but they are not for touching - too sore. And let's just avoid the thighs; they sort of feel like memory foam, they leave a hand print. And I have the elbows of a 75 year old black man.


Elliot: What is that?
J.D.: It's our baby's crib.
Elliot: It looks like a trap. You trying to catch someone else's baby?