You know there's something different about you Doc, from the guy I met last year... something in your eyes. Or maybe that guy was the put-on and this is the real you. But, I guess it doesn't matter, 'cause we're in this together now. Whoever you are.

Detective Hynes

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Chance Season 2 Episode 1: "Multiaxial System"
Hugh Laurie
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Chance Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Lucy: She's nice... boss lady.
Chance: Dr. Clayton, yeah, she's very nice.
Lucy: If you weren't already hitting that, I'd tell you to.
Chance: I'm not hitting anyone!
Lucy: Okay.
Chance: No, seriously, I'm not.
Lucy: Gotcha.

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Chance: Do you have something you want to say to me?
Nikki: You're gonna die pretty soon if you don't stop picking fights with random assholes like that dummy in the truck.
Chance: I just wanted him to shut up. Don't you feel like that sometimes?