Craig: That young man was Johnny Dimera. He tore a muscle in his chest.
Chloe: How did he even know you were a doctor? Why would you even strike up a conversation with him?
Craig: You know what, Chloe? Even if I was looking at him the way you thought I was, I need you to understand something. I have spent my entire life pretending to not be interested in men because I thought the way I felt made me a bad person. And if I ever acted out those feelings, I would hurt the people I love. You, and your sister, and most of all your mom. The constant feeling of pretending to be happy and fulfilled... and I was at times, believe me. I loved being a father and I still do. Your mother and I, we had some great times together but... I love you all very much. I do. But the lie that I told you all, and myself, I won't live that anymore. I can't.

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Days of Our Lives
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Days of Our Lives Quotes
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Days of Our Lives Quotes

Vivian: You have made a good impression, and I don't make compliments lightly.
Eve: Then I'll return the favor. You look good for someone who's been dead for two years.

Gwen: Did you get your old job back?
Claire: Nope.
Gwen: Why not?
Claire: They are under new ownership. My old boss Fran is still there, but she said they were looking for a 'more sophisticated type of employee.' You know, saving her from the embarrassment of telling me to my face that they don't want a psycho pyromaniac waiting tables.
Gwen: Well, that's too bad. You know, you should have told them that you can serve the hell out of bananas flambe!